This research project takes a novel, virtual reality-based approach to achieve virtual self-transformations into a member of a different social group. This “embodiment” technique substitutes participants’ physical body with a virtual body, leading to an illusion of ownership of that body, and examines how the experience affects their attitudes towards different social groups.

I designed in which the environment takes place, a virtual room equipped with a virtual mirror, which reflected the participant’s virtual body. When participants entere the virtual environment, they are embodied in a life-sized virtual body that visually substituted their real body as seen from their own first person perspective. The room contains spotlights and several pictures hanging on the wall.

The VR experience makes use of both Oculus Rift and Neuron Perception full body motion tracking to provide accurate movement representation.

I created several different models in Mixamo Fuse and corresponding animation classes in Unreal Engine 4 to simulate members of various social groups.

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