In the summer of 2015, my fascination with YouTube gaming content had peaked, and I wanted in. I decided to create a gaming channel.  Thanks to my love of animatronics and practical effects, I just had to come up with my own unique twist – the lead character would be a puppet, and an obnoxious, anti-social one at that. The puppet’s name would be Ziggy and he was to lead Youtube’s absolute worst gaming channel – NewLowScore. I directed the entire project from initial concept art to final video.

I worked closely with experienced visual development artist Maya Shavzin to create the design of Ziggy. The concept sketches and later technical drawings were iterated upon multiple times until we reached the laid back, aloof nature I had envisioned for the character.

I enlisted the help of master puppet maker Michael Nahmias, who created the puppets for the Israeli production of the major Broadway musical Avenue Q, to help bring Ziggy to life. Together we reached decisions on important details like which materials were best suited to match the style set by the concept art and which features should be emphasized to create a puppet best presented on screen, as opposed to on stage.

I made the final touches myself, including printing him a t-shirt that bore the Triforce from The Legend of Zelda series, solidifying his status as a bona fide puppet gamer. I had so much fun and learned a great deal guiding the process that made Ziggy a reality.

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