Plunge in Dungeon

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This short project that I developed is called Plunge in Dungeon. It is a 2D top down dungeon crawler game filled with monsters, treasures and secrets. In designing this level, I familiarized myself with roguelike and RPG staples such as an experience system, economy, upgradable weapons and a labyrinth with several optional paths. I programmed and designed this project from the ground up in Unity.

Working with Unity, I learned how to use the engine’s built in Tilemap system to design the 8-bit visual style and keyframe animation to animate the player’s attacks. I also made use of C# inheritance while scripting different game objects. I scripted the game to detect collisions, receive user input, and create player movements. I also implemented a basic enemy AI system that causes enemies to give chase to the player when they enters a certain range.

I also took this opportunity to showcase some of my game design abilities. I tried to balance combat and level exploration, have combat feel challenging but rewarding, with a steeper difficulty curve as the player progresses through the level. A variety of different room layouts were designed to make combat more strategic, with player positioning and timing being key factors in a successful run.

The game features several hidden paths, accessed by destroying parts of the environment, that lead to secret enemies and treasures.

I created a UI system that keeps track of the player’s current level, gold and health, all of which can be upgraded through combat and exploration. The menu also features a sprite selector and a shop where you can spend your gold to upgrade your weapon.

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